The Decluttering Project

What I’m most excited about in the next few days is finally having the time to declutter and redecorate my home. I haven’t really had the time to do this major task except for my once-a-year spring cleaning which frankly isn’t enough considering I have so many areas to fix. 

I have made some prep work last year and it was a great start.  The main thing was not to bring in any more clutter into the house.  And so I avoided shopping, I didn’t hang out at the malls.  Unless it was something I absolutely needed, I didn’t buy it.  This applied to household items, clothes, bags, shoes, accessories.  Both for the kid and me.  Even the word SALE lost its magic on me.

On the rare occasion that we needed to reward ourselves with small gifts, we followed a rule that I started imposing when my kid started collecting toys.  If we bought one new item, we have to get rid of one item in our closet. One toy in, one toy out! Also, the kid has been taught to give away toys and clothes that she will no longer use to our favorite children’s charity at least once a year.  

This worked for me too :  instead of a major and time-consuming spring cleaning, I opted to have mini-decluttering sessions at least once a month.  It varied from 2 hours to half a day to a whole day of removing stuff I haven’t used for a year.  Once, I joined a yard sale and earned money for a month’s worth of groceries and gas.  Some bigger items posted on Facebook were also quickly snapped up by friends.

A portable shredder also did wonders as I got rid of many years of accumulated bills and other documents not worth keeping.

I am looking forward to a scheduled two weeks of cleaning and clearing up the house and hopefully, be left with only what’s necessary for our daily existence plus the occasional entertaining.  One room will be converted into an office, while another one will be made a guest room.  I’m so excited it’s like I am being transported back to the time I first moved into this house.

But sorry folks, no before and after pics! You can however, share tips to help me do this decluttering project!



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