Still on Themes & Coming Back

It’s funny how my last post on this blog, written almost a year ago, was about changing the theme of the blog. Here I am again, with no posts for 11 months, and the first thing I did was to change the theme again!  I can’t seem to settle for a look that I really want.  But I will live with this new theme for now, and hope to focus on sharing adventures instead.

A lot has happened to me during the months I wasn’t writing.  I am on my second wind, breathing easier now that I have stopped and left the too-hectic corporate merry-go-round of 23 years.  There’s life beyond the confines of the office and I am discovering it, embracing it, paving new roads to who knows where!

Already, I have done four big travels in a year, whereas before I’d be lucky if I could get a straight two weeks off from work.  I have attended to a major physical wellness project, the one that has been put off for almost two years. What’s also amazing is that this leap of faith to unemployment has brought more meaningful work, partnerships and more, and has provided for our needs.  Indeed, life is good, guaranteed by the big boss from above!


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