Should You Bad Mouth Your Ex In front of your Kid?

I just can’t resist writing about this as one of the Philippines’ famous celebrities is at it again. I won’t go into the details as it is already a shame that what she had done recently is once again front page news.  But an interesting question from all the assumptions that can be had is… Continue reading Should You Bad Mouth Your Ex In front of your Kid?

New Beginnings

There are two major changes in my work this year. First, we moved out of a place that was home to us for 27 years, my second home where I’ve spent 23 years of my working life. Second, I am finally leaving and exploring lots of other possibilities I could do in my own time,… Continue reading New Beginnings

Travelling Alone & Separation Anxiety

I am writing this as I am sitting on an 11 hour flight to Vancouver, en route to my destination Las Vegas to attend a business conference.  My clock says 10:25pm, Manila time, and even at this hour I couldn’t get to sleep.  Am so used to sleeping at 12mn back home. I have finished… Continue reading Travelling Alone & Separation Anxiety

Celebrating What’s Important

I must have done something right to raise a kid who does not demand expensive gifts for her birthday. It’s my daughter’s 9th today and when I asked what she’d want to do on her birthday, she asked if she could : 1) be picked up by me from school today (she rides a school… Continue reading Celebrating What’s Important

I Am Gonna Miss You But I’m So Lucky I Get to Go to Work

I came across this article with a very intriguing title and just had to share this with you.  Especially to our OFWs who endure separation from their families for extended periods of time just to earn a little bit more abroad.  An excerpt from the article reads  : “Parents should never tell a young child… Continue reading I Am Gonna Miss You But I’m So Lucky I Get to Go to Work

A Parent Must Not Go Through This

Tonight I rest and mourn for three unfortunate people whose lives have been mercilessly ended by people who have no fear of God. Two rape-slays. One robbery-murder. All in a span of five months. Given Grace Cebanico was a 19 year old, 3rd year college student at the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB).… Continue reading A Parent Must Not Go Through This