Should You Bad Mouth Your Ex In front of your Kid?

I just can’t resist writing about this as one of the Philippines’ famous celebrities is at it again. I won’t go into the details as it is already a shame that what she had done recently is once again front page news.  But an interesting question from all the assumptions that can be had is… Continue reading Should You Bad Mouth Your Ex In front of your Kid?

First Half of February in Pictures

For a change, I’m posting pictures of some fun activities this month.  Got to balance work with some fun! 1.  Mamma Mia! came to town, and aside from watching them on their opening night, I had the chance to party with them.  They sure know how to have fun! 2.  Bonding time with my girl.… Continue reading First Half of February in Pictures

Work & Fun this Saturday!

For a change, am writing this post at noon.  Am here in one of our studios, in between takes, and since I know I might not be home before midnight, I might as well write now.  A post a day is the plan, and am not about to change that. Am undergoing a little separation… Continue reading Work & Fun this Saturday!

The First Weekly List

There’s a new plan, dear friends!  My Friday post will be a list of things to be thankful for during the work week.  Though I know that I pretty much do the same thing day in and day out, I am sure there’ll be surprises here and there. So here’s my first weekly list of… Continue reading The First Weekly List

Weekend Project : Our Vision Board

My daughter and I already know what we will do this weekend!  We talked about it tonight and she was as excited as I am to create our vision board for 2012 and 2013.  We will both start thinking of what we want to achieve in the following months and how to visualize it via… Continue reading Weekend Project : Our Vision Board

Every Day is Thank You-For Having Her-Day

I love the late nights in my room where everything is quiet and I get to watch my daughter sleep as I write my blog entry for the day. If there is one thing that I am thankful for every single day, it is being given a loving daughter I can come home to, talk… Continue reading Every Day is Thank You-For Having Her-Day

Make A Wish, Watch for Free

A few days ago, I wished to be given a free ticket to Tango Fire (see a related post in my archives) and in a matter of minutes, a friend sent a PM via Facebook if I wanted her extra ticket.  Today, we were in Glorietta and I told my daughter we can  watch Mamma… Continue reading Make A Wish, Watch for Free