First Half of February in Pictures

For a change, I’m posting pictures of some fun activities this month.  Got to balance work with some fun! 1.  Mamma Mia! came to town, and aside from watching them on their opening night, I had the chance to party with them.  They sure know how to have fun! 2.  Bonding time with my girl.… Continue reading First Half of February in Pictures

Work & Fun this Saturday!

For a change, am writing this post at noon.  Am here in one of our studios, in between takes, and since I know I might not be home before midnight, I might as well write now.  A post a day is the plan, and am not about to change that. Am undergoing a little separation… Continue reading Work & Fun this Saturday!

The Joys of Dancing

There’s always something to look forward to at the end of each week – our fun samba class! I started learning samba no pe about a year ago from Eileen Sison, lead singer of the latin band Guarana.. Before samba, I took classes in Studio 116.  I started with  salsa, followed by disco swing, international… Continue reading The Joys of Dancing

Bourne For You

Manila is abuzz with the arrival of the cast and crew of the latest installment of the Bourne film franchise, Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. I was fortunate  to be in the welcome party for the cast and crew though I wish it was because we are working on the… Continue reading Bourne For You

First Paid Dance Gig

Just got home. Really tired. So this is going to be short. Sharing with you some firsts today. 1.  I was able to put on fake eyelashes by myself!  I only use them when there’s a dance performance and there’s usually a make-up artist to do it. Today, I was on my own, did it… Continue reading First Paid Dance Gig