Should You Bad Mouth Your Ex In front of your Kid?

I just can’t resist writing about this as one of the Philippines’ famous celebrities is at it again. I won’t go into the details as it is already a shame that what she had done recently is once again front page news.  But an interesting question from all the assumptions that can be had is… Continue reading Should You Bad Mouth Your Ex In front of your Kid?

Travelling Alone & Separation Anxiety

I am writing this as I am sitting on an 11 hour flight to Vancouver, en route to my destination Las Vegas to attend a business conference.  My clock says 10:25pm, Manila time, and even at this hour I couldn’t get to sleep.  Am so used to sleeping at 12mn back home. I have finished… Continue reading Travelling Alone & Separation Anxiety

Celebrating What’s Important

I must have done something right to raise a kid who does not demand expensive gifts for her birthday. It’s my daughter’s 9th today and when I asked what she’d want to do on her birthday, she asked if she could : 1) be picked up by me from school today (she rides a school… Continue reading Celebrating What’s Important

For Women Who Light Up the World

From yesterday’s discovery, I found a lot of inspirational videos on Simple Truths.  Since 2005, Simple Truths has become the leading provider of inspirational gift books designed to reinforce core values.  Simple Truths is the brain-child of Mac Anderson, the founder of Successories. This particular video is titled “Oil for your Lamp”.  Authors Lisa Hammond… Continue reading For Women Who Light Up the World

The Mirror is the Child

During a dinner conversation the other night, a young father told us that his 2 year old child’s favorite reply, when asked to do something, is “I’m busy”.  This made his wife realize that the child was simply echoing her, prompting her to avoid using the same set of words whenever she can.  This too,… Continue reading The Mirror is the Child

Solo Parenting Blues

It’s one of those nights when I don’t know what to write about.  I know I have promised myself to write about good things that happen every day but tonight, I am just so down with a lot of conflicting emotions. I know I should snap out of this but sometimes it just feels cathartic… Continue reading Solo Parenting Blues

Work & Fun this Saturday!

For a change, am writing this post at noon.  Am here in one of our studios, in between takes, and since I know I might not be home before midnight, I might as well write now.  A post a day is the plan, and am not about to change that. Am undergoing a little separation… Continue reading Work & Fun this Saturday!