Travelling Alone & Separation Anxiety

I am writing this as I am sitting on an 11 hour flight to Vancouver, en route to my destination Las Vegas to attend a business conference.  My clock says 10:25pm, Manila time, and even at this hour I couldn’t get to sleep.  Am so used to sleeping at 12mn back home. I have finished… Continue reading Travelling Alone & Separation Anxiety

A Week at Work (Friday Post #4)

It’s Friday night!  Time to write about how my week went at work. It’s not the end of my working week though as I have a full day shooting tomorrow.  I still do get to personally produce projects especially if it’s an entertainment project or an overseas client I’ve developed. My regular job is with… Continue reading A Week at Work (Friday Post #4)

First Half of February in Pictures

For a change, I’m posting pictures of some fun activities this month.  Got to balance work with some fun! 1.  Mamma Mia! came to town, and aside from watching them on their opening night, I had the chance to party with them.  They sure know how to have fun! 2.  Bonding time with my girl.… Continue reading First Half of February in Pictures

Welcome to Love Week!

All I want to do today is sleep! It’s been an exhausting week. And this is the only day I get to recharge before I plunge back to work again tomorrow.  There are things I need to do though as a mom and a homemaker so there is really no real rest so to speak.… Continue reading Welcome to Love Week!